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How do I submit a design for consideration?
Download the submission kit, save you design on our template as a .PNG file, and upload it using the form on the right.
Do the artists get paid?
They do. We pay each artist $1 per shirt sold AND the artist keeps full rights to their design to do what ever they want with after the Fight has ended. (They also get a Free T-shirt with there design on it.)
How and when do artists get paid?
Within 5 business days of the Fight ending we send a check to the artist for their earnings.
What are the guidelines for submissions?
Designs are limited to 6 colors on the front side and can be no larger than 14 x 20 inches.
What file types do you accept?
We accept: PNG for considerations and voting, but keep your design as a Hi Res PSD or Vector to submit if we pick your design.
How will I know if you choose my design?
We will contact you one week before your shirt goes on sale.
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Save your design on our template

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